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Ithan Creek values our strategic partnerships with leading suppliers that provide software and services in the areas of application delivery, virtualization, security and identity management, collaboration, communication, and platform integration.  Ithan Creek Systems sales professionals, consultants and engineers receive continuous education on products offered by our partners.  In addition to extensive practical, hands-on experience with our partner products, our engineers often have multiple certifications within or across technology areas.


Citrix offers a new and different approach to application delivery – Citrix Delivery Center – the first solution on the market that delivers applications and desktops to any user, anytime, anywhere from a secure central location. Citrix Delivery Center’s market leading application delivery technologies enable IT to dramatically improve agility, while enabling the best performance and highest security at the lowest cost.  More than 200,000 organizations worldwide rely on Citrix to deliver any application to users anywhere with the best performance, highest security and lowest cost. Customers include 100% of the Fortune 100 companies and 99% of the Fortune Global 500, as well as hundreds of thousands of small businesses and prosumers.

Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

Hitachi ID Systems, Inc., formerly M-Tech Information Technology, Inc. , is a leading publisher of identity management solutions. Hitachi ID products help our customers to strengthen network security, lower operating costs and enhance user productivity. Customers achieve these results by implementing automation and self-service processes to more effectively manage passwords and other authentication factors, to provision and deactivate users and to manage user privileges on networked systems. Hitachi ID products have been deployed at over 700 organizations world-wide. Hitachi ID is a leading password management vendor world-wide and a leading provider of identity management solutions.

Microsoft Systems

Through its Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), Microsoft delivers innovative and optimized technology solutions to help IT organizations deal with complexity, lower costs, and establish an IT infrastructure that is responsive to the changing needs of the business.  Security - Microsoft is committed to providing a comprehensive set of security and access solutions that will enable IT to address the ever-changing landscape of threats and compliance demands while providing users access to business critical information. Collboration - The Microsoft application platform provides a trusted and scalable foundation that empowers development teams and IT professionals to accelerate the delivery of business solutions and insights to maximize business advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.
- Microsoft is committed to delivering the communications tools and technology infrastructure that empowers employees to work together across cultures and continents to secure and manage content, find information and improve business insight.


Novell Security and Identity solutions give you the confidence to keep risk at a minimum and productivity at a maximum. With features like automated resource and access allocation, dynamic incident response, single sign-on, auditing and compliance tools, Novell products and solutions bring you the latest in identity and security management—so you can reduce the risk of having too much risk.


VMware is the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the data center. Customers of all sizes rely on VMware to reduce capital and operating expenses, ensure business continuity, strengthen security and go green.  Virtualization essentially lets one computer do the job of multiple computers, by sharing the resources of a single computer across multiple environments. Virtual servers and virtual desktops let you host multiple operating systems and multiple applications locally and in remote locations, freeing you from physical and geographical limitations. In addition to energy savings and lower capital expenses due to more efficient use of your hardware resources, you get high availability of resources, better desktop management, increased security, and improved disaster recovery processes when you build a virtual infrastructure.